Peola Simondi
Cornelia Badelita
(Radauti (Romania) , 1982)
oil on wooden board
10 × 100 cm / 3.9 × 39 in
Medium: painting
Artwork description

"The paintings from the series Continuu, made by Cornelia Badelita between 2021 and 2022, are panels of an unusual size, ten centimeters high and one meter long, arranged along the walls at eye level, at regular intervals. If from a distance they appear as serial modules, at close quarters they turn out to be original still lifes, whose elements occupy, one next to the other, a rough support surface.

​Badelita’s long panels stem from a reflection on the dais, the painted band that usually served as a complement to the altarpiece. Placed below the central section, it had both a practical function, hide the lower plinth of the frame, and a conceptual one, extend the narration with accessory scenes. From a linguistic point of view, each dais is a parergon, namely an appendix, an auxiliary element. Hence, Continuu has been envisioned as a long footnote, as a digression that extends beyond a narrative unknown to us. The inspiration for the cycle is the shocking panel by Hans Holbein the Younger depicting The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb (1521). (...)"


text by Fabio Cafagna

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