Voice gallery
VOICE gallery opened in Marrakech in October 2011. The reasons I choose Marrakech are closely connected to my idea of art, what art has to be, what art has to convey. Art must witness the gravitas against the superficiality of our era, and be for future reference as the history of the instant. Maghreb is living very important revolutions and, as Beuys said, “when I talk of revolution I mean transformation, transformation of the life of all men” and this is the context within which art can express itself in its most interesting aspects. This growing process for art to express itself along these lines also in Maroc, will run through cultural exchanges and Marrakech has always represented a place of exchange for goods, people and culture, being a port for both the desert and the sea. VOICE gallery gives its contribution showing local and international, mainly young, artists. They are invited to work here and produce their art works on site. So they confront themselves with different culture, habits, people and often they can cooperate and confront each other too. The VOICE is, in fact, the basis of a process that extends from the body to the surrounding space and becomes a communication and relationship tool, retaining the identity of origin.
Mariangela Levita
Michele Ciacciofera
Mohamed Mourabiti
Sibylle Baltzer
Voice gallery
VOICE gallery
VOICE gallery
Rue Salah Eddine El Ayoubi, 40000, Marrakech, , Morocco
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