Curated by Jessica Bianchera and Marta Ferretti

in collaboration with Careof and Urbs Picta


Collecting videos, and collecting in general, can take on multiple meanings capable of defining broad and articulated fields, methods and realities, as well as individual and collective art, in private and public terms alike. Over a three-day loop following a carefully defined schedule, CAMERA - Video Collections is a systematic sampling of works from several Italian and international video collections. Within the exhibition venue, CAMERA - Video Collections seeks to set in motion an initial starting point for deeper thought concerning the far-reaching and complex field of video collecting across private and corporate acquisitions, production support, awards and other forms of patronage by investigating a number of collections invited on the one hand during the art fair to come forward and present themselves through an emblematic work while, on the other in the University and Academy context to take part in an open debate with critics, curators and sector operators with an eye to the market, as well as legal and conservation aspects. CAMERA - Video Collections also intercepts and concludes the programme of appointments conceived by Careof to celebrate 35 years of work by the association with a focus on the Video Archive and inter-connected projects.





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